About ASZ

We are a not-for-profit society of actuaries and students that is committed to furthering the profession in Zimbabwe and the world. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the quality of actuarial work and reliability that can be placed on actuaries with regards to insurance, financial and other public interest issues in Zimbabwe.

The Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe (ASZ) represents, supports and promotes the actuarial professional and wider related fields in Zimbabwe. We are a volunteer driven organisation that brings together many actuarial and risk professionals in Zimbabwe. ASZ aims to develop a professional conduct and discipline among actuaries in Zimbabwe that meets the highest professional standards


To ensure members provide high quality of actuarial work


  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Speaking-up


The ASZ is focused on the sustained growth and relevance of the Actuarial profession in Zimbabwe

Our History


Established in 1983 as a networking platform for actuaries.

Early Successes

Assist in
development of
Actuarial Science
program at NUST.


Period of
dormancy as
most actuaries
sought greener
pastures in
foreign lands.


Relaunch of the
Association with
increased focus on
having more students


Increased membership
Key highlights include
Annual Conventions as
well as collaboration
with IPEC.

ASZ strategic areas

Building the brand

Get sponsorship for ASZ office for the long term(at least 5 years) to enable branding Develop content for print media and magazines for other professions in financial services Strengthen social media content Sponsor/host corporate events.

Financial position

Broaden ASZ income base Formulate ASZ investment policy. Create packages that are attractive to actuaries in the diaspora. Create attractive sponsorship packages

Education and CPD

Lobby for local universities to be accredited exemption for lower level exams by professional bodies Facilitate tutorial for students writing exams Conduct training sessions with professional bodies in the industry.

Market conduct

developing our code of conduct and disciplinary procedures Finalise the Actuarial Profession regulatory bill Work closely with regulators to influence policy direction Research billing rates to ensure the industry grows at sustainable rates


Encourage participation by stakeholders in our corporate events Engage students & strengthen Student associations Pursue full membership into IAA

Thought leadership

Encourage research in the country.(This can be achieved by partnering with universities) Guide ASZ position on thematic areas and/or contemporary issues affecting the industry Ensure technical depth during conventions and improve the depth of presentations

societal structures

The Society is governed by a Council. The Council makes the day to day decisions on behalf of the Society. Members of the Council are voted into biennial terms by the paid up members of the Society at an Annual General Meeting. The council governs the society with reference to a constitution that was adopted by members. The profession and the Society in Zimbabwe is made up of approximately 200 students who are at various levels of qualification and approximately 8 resident qualified actuaries. There are more qualified actuaries outside of Zimbabwe who are paid up members of the Society. The majority of our members are also members of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK) and the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Society of Actuaries.

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2023 - 2024 Council members

Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe President
Secretary General
Education and CPD
Thought leadership
Market Conduct

we have 300+ members...and counting

Our members include fellows, associates and student members. View our directory to learn more about and connect with us.

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